The time is right to spring clean your conservatory

by / Friday, 27 March 2015 / Published in News

Spring is upon us! It’s the time when we typically look to have a clear out and make improvements to our homes. If you are thinking of giving your property a revamp this year, it makes sense to start on your conservatory.

New advances in technology have transformed the humble conservatory into not just an extension of your home but a unique environment to enjoy every single day. Conservatories allow you to bring floods of natural light into your home and enjoy the scenery around you, come rain or shine. With more sunlight to enjoy in the coming months (touch wood), chances are you’ll be spending more time in this part of your house.

The conservatory industry witnessed fantastic growth over the last year. New technologies created a surge in demand and the conservatory market was estimated to be worth nearly £620 million in 2014, according to a report by Research and Markets.

So what can you expect from modern conservatories?

Energy efficient

A few years ago people would think you were mad if you suggested sitting in the conservatory in winter or at the height of summer, but new designs aim to eliminate temperature control issues once and for all.

As an entirely glass constructed room, the thermodynamics of a conservatory was a problem that plagued many a structure. However, the benefits of having a SupaLite Tiled Roofing System is that it can keep the cold out during the winter. One of the benefits of our advanced roofing system is that it has a cross section of insulation in the roof and lightweight tiles, it also has a damp-proof membrane, which will help to reduce excess water soaking into the roof, preventing a chill coming through. SupaLite tiles have been tried and tested through harsh weather conditions in Canada, the USA and Australia, so you can have total peace of mind that our tiles will survive even the most extreme weather that the UK can throw at you.

People will no longer be confined to their conservatories for only a few months during the year, as new designs aim to utilise the room and make them much more energy efficient. While the insulation works to keep the cold out during winter, it also reduces excess heat that builds up during the summer, so you avoid that unpleasant greenhouse feeling. You can get a better idea of how an advanced, lightweight, tiled conservatory roof will look here.

Added value

Home improvements are one of the easiest ways to instantly add value to your property, and one of the most profitable means of achieving this is to add a conservatory.

According to Zopa, cited in an article published by, adding a conservatory to your home could deliver a 108 per cent return on your initial investment. There is no need to worry if you have an older conservatory, you can easily improve the state of it by replacing or adding new features with little effort. At SupaLite, we offer a full structural frame connector system to allow new doors and windows to be easily fitted over existing building work. Now you can also choose from a variety of tile colours, gutters and soffits to create a conservatory that complements the rest of your home perfectly. Additionally, you can opt for one of our large roof vents to maximise the natural light that will shine through into your beautiful new room.

Whatever your motives are for expanding your property, our range of roofing systems has everything you need to make your ideal home a reality. Contact us to see how we can improve your home today.

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