What is the best use for your conservatory?

by / Wednesday, 08 April 2015 / Published in News

It’s officially spring, which means that most of us will be clamouring to bask in the much anticipated sunshine. But as the weather, predictably, is not showing any signs of warming up just yet, it seems that many of us will be using our conservatories, rather than spending prolonged periods outdoors.

In the past, conservatories were guilty of having somewhat of a greenhouse effect, where they were boiling hot in the summer and freezing cold during the winter months. However, advances in the energy-efficient technology used in SupaLite’s conservatory roof systems mean that a consistent average temperature can be maintained, which allows you to enjoy your conservatory any day of the year without worrying about being too hot or cold.

Space to relax

If nature watching isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy your conservatory. Here at SupaLite, we wanted to discover how people are using their conservatories. We conducted a survey, asking the question: “What do you think is the best use for a conservatory?” and obtained some interesting, and downright quirky, results

Overall, most respondents said they use their extension primarily as a living room. More than 26% said the conservatory is the ideal space to sit and relax as a family.

Conservatories are versatile rooms which allow you to decorate and transform their look any way that you wish. Let’s face it, the British weather is more rain than shine, so utilise those rainy days as your own relaxation time. Add scatter cushions, candles and luxurious rugs to create a calming spa-like atmosphere in your conservatory and relax as the soothing sound of the rain drums down.

Dine under the stars

A conservatory-turned-dining-room was the next winner, with 20.5% of survey respondents opting to use this space as a designated eating area. We can see why this would be such a popular choice, as many people simply don’t have the space for a dining room in their homes.

Adding an extension like a conservatory is the perfect way to create a more spacious home, giving you more options when entertaining guests. Imagine hosting a dinner party which is bathed in light in the day, then as darkness falls you are greeted by the stars. Place candles and twinkling lights around the room to create a magical atmosphere and opt to have a large skylight window fitted in your roof, which allows you and your guests to look up and gaze at the night sky.

Endless possibilities

The survey brought many new uses for the conservatory to our attention, including a children’s playroom (16.2%), a study (14.4%) and a games room (13.6%), as well as some quirkier answers, including a playroom for your animals and, our personal favourite, a room in which to grow limes for your gin. Every house should have a room set aside for this very specific purpose!

All of these ideas have one thing in common – possibility. A conservatory can add value to your home and provides you with the extra space to create amazing rooms you never thought you’d be able to have otherwise. If you’d like to extend your home and make these possibilities a reality then contact our expert team to see how we can improve your conservatory.

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