Will you add some flower power to your conservatory?

by / Monday, 27 April 2015 / Published in News

This summer we’re getting green fingered in the conservatory in order to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Nothing signals summer like a towering sunflower peeping over the garden fence, so why not evoke that feeling in the comfort of your own home?

Unleashing the flower power that makes British summertime so wonderful, our team have been sending out sunflower seeds to spread a little sunshine. Potted in your conservatory, these tiny little sprouts could soon become much more majestic in months to come!

A great place to start your journey to horticulture heroism, your conservatory offers protection from slugs and bugs that may hinder the growth of your flower. With the sun pouring through your windows, there’s no shortage of sunshine to aid the growing process.

Reviving the idea of a traditional sunroom, we’re hoping you’ll join us to bring an extra hint of colour into your home. Our recent research revealed that the idea of a conservatory being used as a ‘sun room’, an extension of the garden rather than an extension of the home, could be lost with the older generation. The 55-64 age category referred to their conservatory as a ‘sun room’, whereas the younger 25-44 age category mainly referred to their conservatory as a ‘living room’, while the term ‘children’s playroom’ was also used.

It seems as if the function of our conservatories has changed, but we’d love to spark a revolution of people relishing their extra space. Those big wide windows are made for enjoying the sun! Whilst you can of course use your extension as a practical space, it’s also a great place to escape to when you feel the need to wind down.

Our stunning conservatories could be the perfect place for you to start your journey to sunflower success, as they allow the glorious sunrays to illuminate your home without frazzling young saplings under the heat. Staying warm in summer and cool in winter, you can create the perfect climate to tend to your sunflower’s needs. Create a sense of the tropics that helps you really disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and take back your sun room!

You could even teach your youngsters the miracle of life by getting them involved with the planting of your sunflowers. They could track the progress from seed, to sprout, to full bloom! A fun summer activity that will instil environmental ethics, you’re not only nurturing a sunflower, you’re also nurturing a new generation of gardeners and sun room lovers.

Not to mention, you’ll certainly be able to impress the neighbours when you suddenly repot a huge sunflower in your garden! They are notorious for eventually outgrowing indoor spaces, so you could have a new addition to your garden once it’s big enough.

Add some life to your living space with a gorgeous sunflower this summer, by following the progress of our band of bloggers giving it a go themselves! We’d love to know how you get on and see pictures of your triumphs; who knows you might even have the tallest of the bunch!

If you have received your invite to start sprouting, been given your own ready-sprouted seed or if you wish to join our team of blogger growers, please email and you could be in with the chance of winning an exciting prize to brighten up your garden!

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